What I Know About Michael Jackson As An Artist

by Dylan Kuehl

He's the man with a golden touch. He's the man who has helped to heal our children of the world. He's the man who has great sympathy for our planet. He's the one true king of pop that must be remembered. Not through sadness or through fear of loss of the great king.No one should die for losing the great king.

That's not what Michael wants. Think of what Michael has done for us. He may be gone, but his spirit still lives on through his music and his songs.

Keeping his legacy alive, that is the main mission of The Jackson Memory Band. Not just for love, but also to remember him as an artist. Our prayer will keep his music alive. 

We're determined to continue Michael's "heal the world" legacy, so Michael would not die in vain. We're doing this for the right reasons.

One ~ to advocate to all people with abilities.

Two ~ to help heal people that need healing.

Three ~ to share our sympathy with the Jackson family.

 Four ~ is to never, ever, forget Michael as an artist.

Lastly, five ~ by keeping his spirit and legacy alive and not to forget the good times he shard with us.

So help us to do the right thing and not forget the king and what he stood for. Our planet, our health, his legacy. Part of him, is part of us. His dream is our dream.

We need him as much as he needed us. Our world tour will lead us there. We need to be strong for Michael. With the strength of our Lord, the hearts of the Jackson's family will be healed.

Through the combined strength of our band and The Lord, we will remember the day when Michael Jackson, the king of pop, is remembered. Rest in peace my friend. We will never forget you.