Dylan Kuehl



How it Started....
The Jackson Memory Band is inspired by the "lead" drummer, Dylan Kuehl, who happens to have Down syndrome. The band and the world-wide tour has a goal to spread good news about Down syndrome. Dylan proves by example that living life with Down syndrome is NOT the obstacle it is often perceived to be.

His personal mission and that of the band, is to 'Heal the World with Music and Dance' , to advocate and bring awareness to the ABILITIES of people with disabilities, and for them to feel INCLUDED and be seen as VALUED members of the community.

Although Dylan is an award winning and published artist, motivational speaker, dancer, martial artist, and owner of his own visual and performing arts company, DK Arts (est. 2005), he still aspired to be in a band. That's when he found Mark O'Brien, the owner and lead instructor of the Rhythm Fire School of Music and Performance. This school provides youth and adults private and group music lessons along with helping individuals come together and form bands, such as The Jackson Memory Band.

Professional music instructors, students and families have come together for Dylan. He feels included and valued as an important member of the band and his community. A dream come true!

To learn more about The Jackson Memory Band and the Heal the World Music Tour, visit our YouTube sensation @ DylansDreamBand